12-01-07 Blog Outage

My site was down for most of the day yesterday, as XS4ALL moved me to a new IP address because I am now an ADSL-only customer. The move to the new IP went smoothly enough, but I had to restart my firewall script manually, and of course the DNS records for mwolf.net and martinwolf.net had to be changed. And because I was at work, I couldn’t see to that right away.

No mail should have been lost, however, thanks to EasyDNS’s backup mail spool feature. I run my own mailserver, but there is a secondary MX record which points to a backup server maintained by EasyDNS, which caches anything sent to me while my own server is down and then forwards it when I’m up again. Great feature!

~$ dig mwolf.net mx

;mwolf.net.                     IN      MX

mwolf.net.              10416   IN      MX      5 mwolf.net.
mwolf.net.              10416   IN      MX      10 smtp.easydns.com.
mwolf.net.              10416   IN      MX      100 smtp2.easydns.com