Added an RSS Aggregator

I added an aggregator to my site for some of the low-volume blogs I like to keep track of. It’s on the sidebar, under ‘pages’. Thanks to the BDP aggregator from ozpolitics (link no longer works), with a little help from the Exec-PHP plugin from Bluesome. I’m not quite certain about the latter, though; my site seems to feel slower after I installed it, and of course it’s a bit scary from a security perspective. Maybe I should add a custom page template and stick the PHP code in there.

Update: yep, that’s what I did: I copied pages.php in the default theme’s directory to rss-aggregator.php, added the lines

Template Name: RSS Aggregator

as described in the Wordpress documentation, added the call to BDPRSS2::output(1) as described in the README file that comes with the BDP plugin, changed my aggregator page to use the new template, and disabled the Exec-PHP plugin again. Feels better already..